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And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy and destroy My brothers. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy and destroy My brothers.

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With this tool you can anticipate the weather and come prepared to enjoy Finestrat.

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Here you will find how to get to Finestrat using the main means of transport possible.

  • How to arrive in road?

    You can reach Finestrat by car on the N-332 national road or on the AP-7 motorway, taking exit 64.

    FinestratHow to get? »

  • How to arrive in Bus?

    If you prefer to come by public transport as a bus, the ALSA company stops at Finestrat.

  • How to arrive by train/TRAM?

    You can come to Finestrat by train with the Alcant - Denia line, which runs along the north coast of the Province. In addition, you have 11 trams and 9 Train-TRAMs, which cover the route between Alacant and Benidorm on the tramway platform of the Metropolitan TRAM.

  • How to arrive in Plane?

    You can reach Finestrat by plane, since you have El Altet airport, 57 km away and Manises airport, 140 km away

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The Puig Campana is one of the most famous mountains within the Costa Blanca region. Its summit is 1410 meters above sea level. It is recognized for it uniqueness in this area. It’s the symbol of Finestrat!


Finestrat makes significant efforts to preserve its privileged environment because the Puig campana has various autóctonas plants, many being rare and impossible to find in other parts of the world.


All kinds of floral and forestall species are present such the pine carasca, evergreen and oak the other important vegetable species are Phelypaea, cistanche, lepicepalum and teucrium.


The wild life here consists of various species of animals in extinction, one of them being the majestic Bonelli's eagle, falcons, owls, kestrels, foxes, genets, wild boar, partridges, rabbits and many more species in the area.



The legend of the Portell (window)


Once upon a time there was a young pleasant girl called Neus. She was poor but nice and very pretty. Her hair was golden blonde and very long like a summer’s day. She had rosy cheeks and a slender figure like a goddess.


Neus lived with her parents Josep and Angela in a valley at the Puig Campana. This was a paradise with its woods, pine trees, streams and a great variety of animals such as wild boars, rabbits, wolves and birds.


Not very far from there lived a young man called Cerivert. He was a normal height. His hair was as dark as the night without the moon. His eyes were brown like honey. His bone structure was perfect and his body was like a Greek stature.


Although saying this he wasn’t just an ordinary boy, no. He was the son of the richest and most powerful man in the province. The greatest part of the land within the area was his and he also had a castle which was made of marble and gold.


Cerivert was in love with Neus. Her parents wanted Neus to marry the rich young man as they thought that if she married him she would not suffer the way they had. On the other hand Neus didn’t like the young man, but she didn’t want to see her parents suffer so she accepted to marry Cerivert. 


One day the beautiful girl was collecting almonds, and just above one of the smaller mountains named the “castellets” appeared a very ugly giant. He only had one eye and his face was full of scars. His name was Rondán, he was as big as the Puig Campana and stronger than Samson.



But this giant was gentle with a kind heart. When he saw the beautiful girl he was amazed.

The young girl on the contrary was afraid of the giant; she ran to hide in a cave and wouldn’t leave until the giant left.

Rondán began to recite beautiful verses to demonstrate his love that suddenly he felt for her and after a few hours Neus came out of her hiding place fascinated with the sweet words of Rondán and as if enchantment filled her with love for the giant.



The moment Neus parents realized what had happened they were very angry, and now saw that their daughter didn’t care anymore for Cerivert as from then on the horrific monster occupied her heart.


The moment that Cerivert heard what had happened he swore vengeance on the pair of lovers. To keep his word of vengeance he asked for the services of a wizard by the name of Calegás he was bedevilled and very ugly. He had a horrible face, popped eyes, peaked nose, skinny face with bony cheeks and he had very long skinny body like a snake.


The wizard cursed Neus that when the last rise of sunshine of the year was to fall upon Neus’s beautiful face that she will die of a heart attack, this was said. When Rondán heard this he got nervous and decided not to say anything to his beloved Neus. They spent their days in the Realet where they both lived and their happiness came before anything else, but in the heart and head of Rondán he was still worried.


When the day came Neus became sick all of a sudden, she fainted over her bed that was bigger than la masia. This is what happened throughout the morning and when the sun began to go down behind the Puig Campana, Rondán became nervous. The giant saw that his beloved was going to die and he was unable to help her, the last raise of sun on her face disappeared, so he took his giant sword and hit the puig to keep the sun on her young face. He didn’t want his beloved Neus to die but within a few minutes his young and beautiful Neus died, he was unable to help her. Rondán sad and broken hearted walked into the Mediterranean Sea until he drowned. The giant promised that in another life he would never fall in love again and then ripped his heart out and threw it out to sea.


Still today the fishermen say they can hear the voice of Rondán saying “Never fall in love! Never fall in love!”



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