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And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy and destroy My brothers. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy and destroy My brothers.

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With this tool you can anticipate the weather and come prepared to enjoy Finestrat.

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Here you will find how to get to Finestrat using the main means of transport possible.

  • How to arrive in road?

    You can reach Finestrat by car on the N-332 national road or on the AP-7 motorway, taking exit 64.

    FinestratHow to get? »

  • How to arrive in Bus?

    If you prefer to come by public transport as a bus, the ALSA company stops at Finestrat.

  • How to arrive by train/TRAM?

    You can come to Finestrat by train with the Alcant - Denia line, which runs along the north coast of the Province. In addition, you have 11 trams and 9 Train-TRAMs, which cover the route between Alacant and Benidorm on the tramway platform of the Metropolitan TRAM.

  • How to arrive in Plane?

    You can reach Finestrat by plane, since you have El Altet airport, 57 km away and Manises airport, 140 km away

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From November 16 to 24, Finestrat celebrates the “Gastronomic Days of Traditional Cuisine”. Promoted by the Department of Tourism within the project "Finestrat Gastronomic" and in collaboration with the company GastroEventos, this initiative aims to raise awareness of the offer of local restoration through the most typical spoon recipes.

Several restaurants in the historic center such as Gastro by la Morena, El Cantonet, Bokado and Pizzería Paradiso participate with menus that include spoon dishes such as putxero amb tarongetes or the typical arròs amb fesols i naps, from Finestrat.

To boost the participation in these days GastroEventos will raffle a lunch / dinner for 2 people in one of the restaurants of the day. To do this, people who want to qualify for this award must follow the Gastroeventos page on the social network Facebook and share the post of the menus of these days indicating which dish or menu of the 21 options they like best. The promotion of this gastronomic proposal will also be linked to the Costa Blanca Trails, mountain races that are held this weekend in Finestrat and in which a volume of visits of 4,000 people is expected.

To consult the participating restaurants and menus, interested people can download the GastroEventos Agenda Gastronomic App on their mobile device and also follow their page on the social network Facebook.

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